Car Rental Service in Leominster, MA

Need A Rental Car?

Rentals are available for on-site pickup and return at American Auto Body:

Need a rental, no problem at American Auto Body we will arrange your rental for you no matter if you have it on your insurance policy or not.

The rental will meet you at American Auto Body at the time you choose. When you repair is completed you can return your vehicle right to American as well.

Please, not all rental companies require seeing your license and a major credit card at the time of pick up. This is the rental process no matter if your insurance is paying or not.

If you use a major credit card a hold will be placed on the card similar to a hotel reservation. If you are using a debit card with a credit card logo, a deposit will be required to be taken out of your account.
Your rental company will contact you to discuss the amount of the hold.

No matter what type of card you use either the hold will be taken off once the care is returned or your deposit will be refunded.